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Yaakov and Esau

As we know, the Torah is the ultimate blueprint for the world, etc.

It is often said that Yakov and Esau, the former being a forefather of Am Yisrael and the latter being a forefather of Rome ( tend to be symbolic of the Jewish and non-Jewish nations in this world. I have often heard Esau represents the West, more or less, as Ishmael represents Arabia and obviously Yakov with Am Yisrael.

Further, with too many examples to name, there are many instances in the Torah and other holy writings that more or less say “because our forefather did this when managing this, so are we to do when we are in such a situation”.

Is there any commentary or scripture commenting on the relationship between Yaakov and Esau, or perhaps Yitzhak and Ishmael, that give insight into how Am Yisrael is supposed to conduct itself in various dealings, negotiations, friendships or confrontations with other nations?


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