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Would you say judaism is more materialist or idealist (in a philosophical sense)?


This is a question I’ve had for a long time and I wanted to know others opinion on this.

I think that judaism is a mixture of these two trends in philosophy. Although judaism has/is its own philosophy -and is older than modern conception of idealism and materialism-, in terms of conceiving the world I’m saying that judaism is more idealist, or in any case, that it puts idealism as a way to conceive the world and all the creation, but then goes with the materialist way. For example, you can get rid off the suffering by being thankful, but then you also have to work. You have to learn about yetzer hara and yetzer tov, but then you have to decide and move on. You must follow the first constant mitzvah, but then you have to rectify your connection with Hashem…

Maybe this has already been treated in the Talmud, in which case I’d appreciate if you could share what it says about this.

A bit late but… shavua tov!

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