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Would you consider Josephus’ Antiquities of the Jews and The Jewish War to be generally trustworthy sources to learn about the Second Temple era?

I’m very interested in the history of classical antiquity and I’ve been reading Josephus recently and I really like his work, I get the sense that he’s much more like Thucydides, Polybius or Tacitus than the other ancient historians, ie he’s making use of older sources and trying to be as accurate as possible rather than omitting things or adding flourish for moral/social, political or literary reasons.

Obviously the early books of the Antiquities have to be viewed differently since he’s just recounting the Bible, but from Book XI which begins with the conquest of Babylon by Cyrus the Great and covers the entire Persian era through Alexander’s conquests or Book XII which begins with the death of Alexander the Great and covers the Seleucid era up to the Maccabean revolt, is it safe to consider what he is writing as truth and actual history?

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