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Would love to learn more about our intellectual history

Mine is a pretty common experience among North American (in my case Canadian Jews.) My parents were secular, my extended family, especially my grandparents, more religious. I attended Hebrew school and had a Bar Mitzvah and attended synagogue during Passover and on the High Holidays, but it overall never connected with me as a kid. I was a snot nosed little punk, and for me the Sabbath mostly meant “I can’t use my Gameboy or watch TV today, this sucks!”

Now that I’m in my early 30s, my relationship with Judaism is changing. I want to take it more seriously. Traditions and values that seemed frivolous to me as a child and were easy to ignore as a young adult not seem important. I’ve started to reach out to my more religious friends and relatives, asking for advice, and begun attending a local Temple more often – although, I admit not devoutly – but I’d also like to read about and learn more. Particularly, I’d like to learn more about our intellectual history, our different movements and sects, and their histories, and how they came about, etc. I would love if any of you had any recommendations, or advice for me.

Much appreciated! Thank you!

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