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would it be weird to have a bat mitzvah at this point?

hi so to start off im 14 years old and have not had my bat mitzvah

why? because my “first” one (kind of planned for april 2022) got canceled because covid was still kind of an issue while we would have had to start planning which meant my mom couldnt go since shes immunocompromised, and whats a bat mitzvah without your mom especially when SHES the jewish side (my dad is a non-practicing catholic)

and then my “second” one (planned for april 2023) was canceled because i got super sick from like feb-april and we had to call it off which was very upsetting

so now im 14 and a freshman in high school and i turn 15 in a few months, however theres been no third try planned because i was going to a new school knowing one person and you cant plan a new party without a guest list

so now its planned for next year when ill be SIXTEEN but i feel like thats so old?? like i feel like its kinda of embarrassing to have a big party for something you shouldve done YEARS ago, especially since all my jewish friends already did it when they were 12/13

i know you can be bat mitzvahed at any age but ive been to later life ones and theyre always small gatherings and while i know having a big party isnt the point ive been planning this since i was like 7 and i really dont want to give up that experience ESPECIALLY since every other jewish girl/woman in my life has had it

i dont really know what to do so would having the whole big service and reception be that weird? i dont mean to sound bratty or anything im sorry if this comes off that way, im doing my torah portion either way i just need to know if ive missed my chance to have the whole baby-picture-slideshow with fancy shirley temples thing

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