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Would it be rude for me, a Christian, to buy a Jewish candy I saw?

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Howdy Jewish folks of Reddit! I’m sorry if this seems really silly, but I’ve been scared of offending anyone or accidentally coming off as an uneducated twit.

So, I saw this show the other day where they were showing how these Jewish blueberry candies were made and they looked really good. The only issue is that I’m a Christian and I don’t want to accidentally offend anyone by buying this candy since I’m not Jewish.

So, I figured that I should ask y’all, would it be rude, offensive, or anti-semitic if I was to buy these candies as a Christian? Any and all responses are much appreciated, have a nice day!

P.S. Y’all’s culture is amazing, much love.

(Here’s the cast if any of y’all are curious

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