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Would it be offensive to decorate my porch goose for Passover/Pesach as non-jewish person?

EDIT Getting a wide range of opinions on this, thank you to everyone for their responses. Some people in the comments are (understandably)offended/have taken issue with the entire idea of including Passover or any Jewish holidays on the goose’s calendar, so it seems that the most respectful option is to stick to the secular/Christian/hindu/Islamic holidays we have already been celebrating

I apologize for the absurdity of this post , and am sorry if this is not the right subreddit to ask, but I haven’t been able to find any opinions on this online.

I work in a creative industry with a multicultural workplace and we have a 3ft tall lawn goose in our cubicle section.

We have been dressing up the goose for different holidays for the past few months and people have really started to get into it. Would it be offensive or in poor taste to dress the goose for Passover/Pesach?

We were thinking of making a tiny kippah and tallit for the goose and posting a Happy Passover/ Chag Sameach sign to recognize the holiday, but I am now concerned that it would be offensive/inappropriate as they are specific religious items.

Any feedback would be appreciated, and sorry if this is a stupid or ridiculous question, I just want to be respectful in the workplace but also celebrate/acknowledge different holidays equally!

In the past we have dressed the goose for St, Patricks Day, famous people’s birthdays, weird “National Days” (like National 3-D Day, Pi Day) and plan to dress it like a bunny for Easter, which is technically a religious holiday but is celebrated more secularly in the US.

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