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would i be considered ‘raised jewish?’

I’m trying to reconnect with my Jewish sides of my family- but everything i read defines status as a Jew as having a Jewish mother, or having a Jewish father but being raised Jewish.

My father is a practicing Jew, and my mother is a non-practicing Christian. We celebrated holidays for both religions, though the christian religious we practiced very loosely and the Jewish holidays we followed a bit stricter. I go to temple a few times a year(1-3?), mainly for major holidays, but i’ve never attended church or any christian religious event.

i’ve personally always been more attached to my Jewish side, but i never attended a Jewish school or learned hebrew. I planned to have a b’nai mitzvah when i was little but as i hit 11-12, I realized it wasn’t realistic because the nearest jewish communities to me are almost an hour away, and schools are even further. i grew apart from judaism until this year.

i’m 16 now, finally making an effort to connect back to my relatives and culture and i’m not sure if i can. Am i considered ‘raised jewish?’ what do people mean when they say “raised jewish?”

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