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Would giving my friend some food at the end of Yom Kipper be nice or rude?

I’m obviously not Jewish but I have a friend who is. He is my first friend that actively participates in Judaism so I’ve learnt a lot of new stuff.

I know he is fasting till the end of the 5th due to yom kipper. We’ve had a busy few days and normally when my friend group is busy / stressed I give them food but obviously I can’t do that in this scenario. However if I was to give him some food (like baked goods) on the 6th would that be okay or disrespectful ? I know some cultures celebrate with a meal after fasting and some don’t and I don’t want to accidentally do anything wrong like presenting him food the day after fasting. Couldn’t find anything clear on the internet.

Thanks guys! G’mar chatima tova.

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