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Would a Jewish girl date outside your culture?

There’s a girl who comes into my job a lot and we chat and have become friendly. She even brought me homemade cookies a few times. At first I thought maybe she was from the same area of the world I am from but was surprised when she told me she was Jewish but by way of Europe (not bad surprised I just assumed she was from the Middle East or India). I really really like her, and from our conversations our values seem to align well. I wanted to ask her out but my coworker said that Jewish people don’t date outside of their religion (I don’t mean this negatively most of the people where I’m from also do this and I understand).

If I asked her to go on a date do you think it would be automatic no? She’s definitely aware I’m not Jewish but it never seemed to bother her. Do you think she’d stop coming into my work and avoid me? Or would it just be very offensive since I know of the rule and I shouldn’t even bring it up?


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