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Workplace problem because my boss is a Messianic Jew.

Okay so this is a weird problem at my workplace because It isn’t anti semitic (at least I do not feel like it is) and I’m not sure what to do because it hasn’t occurred at other jobs I’ve worked. Here’s the issue my boss Is a Messianic Jew (Jew for Jesus for those who don’t know) I am a secular Jew. My boss learned I was Jewish in the first week because I was going on birthright within the first 3 months and wanted to let them know that it was happening and I could not reschedule the trip since it was past the deadline where I would lose my deposit. After explaining I was Jewish he got very excited and then started sharing his faith with me, which I did not ask for and frankly if I did not go on birthright I would have not said I was Jewish. It has now gotten to the point where whenever a holiday comes up like Purim, or Shavuot and I don’t necessarily know why I celebrate the holiday off the top of my head but, I know the traditions in what I do to like eat blintzes, or dress up in a costume I get flak for it and says things like “how do you not know the meaning of ____ holiday you celebrate?” And then he gives the meaning of the holiday from a Messianic Jew point of view. I know when my boss does this he does not mean harm about it or as a way to challenge my faith, but it sucks on my end. I feel I’m being judged or educated on how I follow my own faith. I have explained to him how I know many Jews that are not that observant in ways such as they don’t go to shul every Saturday, they don’t keep kosher and are a bit more relaxed around things about shabbat as a way to justify how I practice my faith but, he doesn’t understand even when I give an example of a Christian only celebrating Christmas and never going to chruch. I know HR is an option and some of my friends told me to just go straight to HR but I don’t know if this problem is HR worthy like the problem isn’t big enough or that they may not understand the issue since its not anti-semitic? do I just go straight to HR? Thanks! All thoughts are appreciated!

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