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Workplace not willing to accommodate birthright trip planned before employment + workplace antisemitism

Hey there. Birthright sent me an email today requiring that for my trip there will be a 7 day mandatory quarantine period. This trip had been planned months in advance. I had already previously rescheduled it for a work related training seminar. My bosses were made aware of the trip as soon as the date was set. They have previously told me they refuse to give out unpaid time off for the trip – and so I have used my pto to make the days work.

This 7 day quarantine is not optional – and I am unwilling to cancel or postpone again what I see as an essential religious observance. I have reached out to hr to see if they will let me use my 80 hours accrued covid sick time to pass this quarantine period.

I have not received a response from HR yet – but I was advised by my mother to contact the ADL for their help in obtaining this religious accommodation. Do I have all of my bases covered if they refuse to accommodate me?

I’d like to add that I have encountered a pretty serious amount of antisemitism in my workplace. A manager last week told me that “if I held a crucifix it would burn in my hand.” And I’ve had strange requests for christian coworkers asking me to obtain a star of David for them while in Israel. This all has left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. Do you guys think I should report these incidents too when the adl reaches out to?

Thanks to any of ya’ll who reach out.

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