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Workplace Antisemitism

Ok, so I sent my coworker a few links showing some instances of growing antisemitism in the BLM movement and saying “this is why I am hesitant to support BLM. I support black people sure, but will not support something that denies the rights and or falsifies the history of my people, has in their founding charter and members antisemitism and antisemites, etc” she responded saying that all the people she knows are not like this which is fine. I don’t think she is antisemitic, but we are having other problems and I guess she let the other girl who works there know my opinion of BLM. The next day I get on my computer (the one the other girl uses when I am not there) and she had changed the desktop to a BLM fist. I didn’t say anything and changed the desktop thinking that would be enough and they would catch on that I didn’t appreciate it. Well I had another day off where the same girl worked and when I came back she had changed the desktop back to the BLM fist. I said to my boss out loud “do I need to make a complaint of a hate crime to corporate?” and proceeded to explain how and why this girl changed the desktop (because the girl that is having problems with me and that I expressed my worry about BLM to (specifically having antisemitism in their founding charter and founding members) was the one who relayed those personal thoughts to other people to make fun of me and they came up with the idea to screw with me by changing my desktop as a passive aggressive way of letting me know they are making fun of me.) Now the coworker has called out and refuses to work and is making me think she has done something to get me fired and wants to avoid me because she knows what she did was wrong. I sent this to my boss yesterday and today. Anything thoughts on the situation would be helpful:

Yesterday: Do I need to just quit, H? I didn’t want to get Q in trouble for the desktop thing P did (twice) I just wanted it to stop and I was hurt that it was done twice when I clearly made it known beforehand how I felt about it. Also, I cannot find it anywhere on the computer now, it has been conveniently deleted! This is why I think I should quit because I don’t know what Q is capable of now that the evidence is deleted and she isn’t coming to work.

Today: D just confirmed to me that YES it was Q who told P about my opinions regarding BLM and their founding charter and founding members being antisemitic. I have the time stamps of the texts and when she downloaded the image to my computer. . I’m not being paranoid. What she did TWICE was wrong! I didn’t say anything the first time because I was weak and assumed they would understand that me changing the desktop from the BLM Fist they put up to a clownfish means that I didn’t appreciate it and wouldn’t do it a second time. They did it again and that’s when I said something this week. Again, I do not want Q in trouble I just want to change locations but I’m afraid now she thinks she’s going to get in trouble and will do something back at me that will not only make me lose my job but hurt my chances of getting back into school and that is why I am wondering if I should just quit since I don’t know what she is capable of. If this was done to a Muslim or a black person the response would not be “you’re very passionate” it would be “you’re right and what can we do to fix it” again, I just want to move I don’t want Q to get in trouble. D also told me that Q also said I “made myself throw up” that day I projectile vomited on the floor in order to leave. Again, I’m sorry I have a lot to work on myself, but it’s best I go somewhere else and Q not get in trouble.

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