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Working for yourself

What is the history of Jews and entrepreneurship?

You look at Israel: most startups per capita in the world.

You look at the USA: Google, Facebook, Blackstone, Apollo, KKR, Blackrock, Goldman Sachs, Paul Weiss Rifkind, etc. All huge institutions founded by Jews.

One time I was excited because I was about to get a nice job in real estate, and I told my Jewish acquaintance. He said “Well, that’s cool if you want a JoOoOoB. Or you could build your own company.” He may have said that because he recently got laid off from his real estate job, but I thought it was interesting that he encouraged me to try starting a businesses.

So, I wonder:

— How have Jews come to enjoy entrepreneurship so much?

— Why not just enjoy a stable job, instead of toiling as a business owner?

— What is it about Jewish culture that encourages so much entrepreneurship?

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