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Work Resource Groups?

Hi folks,

I have kind of a weird work situation going on that I have mixed feelings about – I thought I’d post about it here and see what some other folks thought?

I work at a small nonprofit (around 20 employees). They’re talking about setting up 2 groups to meet 2-4 times a year:

  1. “a resource group of team members who identify as people of color,” and
  2. “a separate group that meets to discuss issues of inclusion in the workplace, which anyone can join but which we particularly encourage white team members to join”

As the only practicing Jew in our office, I wasn’t quite sure which group I was supposed to be part of (“white” vs. “people of color”). I asked my boss for clarification. They said:

“In this context, [the resource group is] intended to create a safe space for people who have specifically experienced, may have experienced, or could be more vulnerable to experiencing systemic racism or race-based discrimination, or more generally people are not accorded the privileges that come with being identified by others as white in our current society. In this specific case, then, it wouldn’t include someone who identifies as Jewish unless they also identify as being a part of a racial group as well[.]

I should say that there may be a need for other kinds of cohorts or groups in the future. Obviously there are all kinds of other issues, like anti-Semitism or gender discrimination or discrimination against transgender people, that all kinds of groups experience in our society.”

I asked around, and it appears that our Hispanic/Latinx and Black-identifying employees will be participating in the POC group. As a Jew and the grandson of immigrants, I’m a little confused about this dichotomy?

I would say that Jews are often “not accorded the privileges that come with being identified by others as white in our current society.” I’m not up in arms about it, I’m just a little confused? But what do y’all think? Have you had an experience like this at work? How did you feel about it?

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