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wizard 101 iconography

hi! so, my friend (who is 24 years old) plays wizard 101, a kids MMO, and was streaming it in our discord server, and the map is clearly swastika shaped, like… extremely so.

they kind of laughed it off as an unfortunate coincidence, and while googling to see if anyone else found it weird, i found a thread on the forums of a second image. i brought up my concerns with this second image, and my friends laughed it off and called it a “stretch” but… i don’t know…

maybe i’m different but if i ran a kids game that wsa so detail oriented i made it so 17 year olds can’t use numbers in chat, i would pour over my art to make sure no “Unfortunate Coincidences” happen.

but for it to happen twice…

am i overreacting about this?

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