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With a Christian girl as a reform Jew

To make a long story short, I’ve been asking many different people in both our communities what they think about our situation and I’ve gotten a 50/50 response. Half say one thing the other half say another. What our dilemma is that we don’t have any problems with each other’s religious differences. However, we are quite devout to practicing our religion and attending shul/church. Our problem is that we would like to attend both of our services together as a pair (hopefully soon as a family). Our problem is that we’re afraid as to whether it’s seen as inappropriate to attend a service of a different religion. For instance if her church would need volunteers for an even they’re hosting, I wouldn’t mind helping. My girlfriend grew up Christian and she would like to help out her church since she considers it her spiritual home. Why would I not do everything in my power to help her in her spiritual endeavors? I’m just afraid that It wouldn’t look right if she came with me to my shul and I went with her to her church. What do you guys think?

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