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Wish there were more social options for young Jewish girls

I just honestly want to vent how I’ve been feeling lately being someone who is in university. I wish that there was more openness to Jewish groups amongst young adults like there is for Christian groups especially down here in the South. There is always an array of groups of young adult Christians ranging from less orthodox to Catholic student groups and even female groups that do Bible study. I wish this was prevalent for Jewish girls like myself at university where maybe there was Torah study weekly. Christian girls just have so many social-religious choices. I have seen less orthodox Christian girl groups that may only go to Church during the holidays to more orthodox Christian girl groups that are more so conservative, attend church weekly, and have Bible study. I’m just saying I wish that these spaces existed for Jewish girls. I know this is very difficult given the climate of the country lately. My university does offer Chabad and Hillel but they don’t have girl groups and there isn’t a girl group for Jewish girls like myself looking into becoming more observant of the Torah. Also, Chabad is heavily male-dominated at my campus and Hillel is mainly secular-dominated. I wish there was a space for the Jewish girls like me to be observant with other girls that are more so modern-orthodox aligned.

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