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Winter Holiday Season Celebrations

I’ve celebrated Christmas as a secular holiday for most of my life (I didn’t grow up Jewish). It wasn’t really about Jesus; it was about caroling, feasting, family, and the like, but with a dedicated winter aesthetic (douglas fir trees, snow, decorations, etc), so like Christmas as Charles Dickens portrayed.

While I’ve grown even further away from secular Christmas, I was wondering what people on here celebrate in North America. I’ve seen 1) celebrate a secular version of Christmas, 2) turn Hanukkah into the “winter holiday,” 3) celebrate a general winter season secular thing, or 4) not really engage in the winter holiday/season thing.

Obviously, ancient Judah did not have snowy winters like North America/Northern Europe has, and so they didn’t have that “winter aesthetic event,” but obviously many of us do. I love the lights, food, winter greenery, decorations, and seasonal style, but I wish to channel it into a more “Jewish” direction. What does everyone here do with the concept of the winter seasonal holiday?

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