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Why would someone be opposed to Mi Yimalel as a Hannukah song?

I play in a band that’s been frequently hired to play for Chabad events. We do mostly niggunim and holiday songs, but also all the traditional festive songs for bar mitzvahs, etc.

A couple weeks before Hannukah we’ll be doing a concert for a mostly Chabad crowd and some other local groups. The band got together to practice and also come up with a set list for the gig. We started listing off all the hannukah songs and someone said Mi Yimalel, but with a sarcastic tone. Then our drummer (a Chabad rabbi) said “we will definitely not be playing Mi Yimalel.” It seemed like everyone else understood something that I didn’t.

I was too confused to ask why. I’ll ask him tomorrow, but wondering if the wider Jewish world would also react that way if Mi Yimalel got brought up. Is this a Chabad-specific reaction? Is there something distasteful about the song? What’s going on with this situation?

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