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why… why i feel so hurt?

I… I lve lost all my words, idk how to react to this… Its too late for me to feel like this but idk where else to vent abt it

So, as many ppl here Im sure, during 2020 made a lot of online friends… Ive been consistently talking to lot of them for 2-3 years, they always were very supportive and really nice to me

Recently, I took a social media break after what happened in Oct. 7… When I came back I noticed 3 of my closest online friends were not only posting, but supporting attacks against jews worlwide and israel… Supporting the “From the river to the sea” without even knowing what that means… People who Im 100% sure would been in the 40s would been supporting the Nazis

Im shaking rn, idk what to say… I spent years developing a friendship with them, we talked abt a lot of peraonal things, we watched the same shows, and to now see them posting those stuff… I feel betrayed, I feel angry, I feel frustrated, I feel weak

I have a lot of IRL Friends so I wont go and say I feel alone, but idk why I feel so hurt rn… Im legit questioning myself if online Friends are real friends after all… If its worth it to still be interacting online… I… I dont know

Its 2am I shouldnt be feeling like this, idk what to do

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