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Why was the geographical land of Israel the promised land?

First of all I don’t know how the promised land actually looks like since there are many interpretations and it has changed a lot through different periods but they are all located in pretty much the same area so I hope the question will make sense anyway. I wonder what were the reasons god chose that land out of the entire world. The geographical location is good because it connects Asia, Africa and Europe but history showed the Israelites weren’t able to defend against all the empires that conquered that land for that exact reason. Another downside is that a some of that area is a desert. I must sound so disrespectful but I’m sure there are other pieces of land in the world with better natural protection and more land fit for agriculture that in my eyes would be deserving for god’s chosen people. I’m sorry if I sound ignorant, please answer nicely despite my attitude. I promise it’s not my intention to annoy ant of you.

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