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Why should Iconvert to judaism?

Iam a Muslim but lately have been having doubts regarding Islam like the god in islam says he is merciful and compassionate and than proceeds to condemn anyone who disagrees with islam into hell unlike judaism and its Noahide laws whch I think reflect the character of a reasonable and just god who loves his people now I have also noticed in Quran the god is speaking in same tone as he is in the Hebrew Bible also another thing i wanna ask about Judaism is that can u be a jew and beleive in its core principles and also follow modern day values and culture and dressing sense?I mean does Judaism has any view on morals and customs changing with time so go along with them and adapt to them while beleiving in fundamental principles.I might be interested a lot in judaism than it appears so pls help me out.I believe muhammad mightve had good intentions and he was a social reformer but he did it as means to an end,use smth to do good in the society maybe he jus wanted to do smth good but his quran makes a lot of sense sm where like god is forgiving than jus goes vague like when it comes to womens dressing u cant even know what adornment means while in jewish written torah it hasnt been mentoned maybe cus god thought women could decide for themselves pls help me out with it

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