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Why not record the holocaust in our bible?

I am afraid to ask this question IRL because like I don’t have best religious education and I don’t know if what I’m asking is heresy. I am sorry if I offend anyone.

I know we honor the people killed during Yom HaShoah, but it just doesn’t really touch on the theological side of the topic. I know personally I always wondered if G-d was punishing us for something.

But it really seems that an event like that should be recorded in our bible. Like added as a book of Shoah or something. I have no idea how this kind of thing would even happen logistically.

Maybe I’m wrong but I see one of the largest values of the bible is that it carries on the history of our people as well as the G-d’s commandments and many important lessons on how to live life. I know that the bible is a not a literal history, but it still helps preserve information for future generations, and I think if their was a lesson to be learned by the murder of 6 million of our people then we should probably write it down in somewhere it will never be erased.

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