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Why is there very little discussion of Jewish art?

Hello, first off I want to say that I’m a non Jewish (gentile) atheist.

I’ve taken some classes about art history and also done some independent reading on the subject.

I’ve seen a lot of discussion of Christian medieval art and why medieval babies were so ugly, about how Islamic art doesn’t show literal depictions of stuff but it’s mostly mosaics, etc. However, I don’t think that I’ve seen a lot of discussions in regards to Jewish art and when there is it’s mostly contemporary, I wish I could learn more.

Is there some reading that you recommend about Jewish art? Is there such a “thing” as Jewish art (with observable characteristics and themes) like there is for Christianity and Islam?

Also, if you have the time and want to, what is your favorite Jewish artist (contemporary or otherwise)?

  • I hope I got my point across, apologies if I didn’t.

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