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Why is it kosher to eat meat with eggs when it isn’t to eat meat with dairy?

Hi so I would I guess be considered a noahide, and I’m studying some of the mitzvot in order to understand Judaism and the culture of the community better. Looking over specifically the laws surrounding kosher foods as I’m wanting to be able to work towards being able to cook for some Jewish friends.

In this process I have found possibly a strange question. Why is it okay to mix eggs and meat when it is forbidden to mix dairy and meat?

I understand why meat and dairy can’t be mixed as I have received a few explanations ranging from it being disrespectful and cruel towards the animal to it being a matter of mixing polar opposites such as life and death or kindness and judgement.

So why is eggs and meat okay when eggs are often seen as symbols of life and it would be cooking the child in what gave it life?

I understand it isn’t directly in the religious text, however I know some things are up to the interpretation of rabbis and that there are some drastically different opinions.

I have asked one of my Jewish friends and he not only had no answer but was fed up with my autistic questioning.

Please excuse my dumb question, I am auDHD and have too many thoughts for my own good.

Note: I am sorry if I tagged this wrong

Edit: So because people keep bringing this up, I do not think that eggs are dairy. That isn’t what this question meant.

Also thank you to everyone for giving me very informative and detailed explanations. It is greatly appreciated.

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