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Why Is It A Mitzvah To Fear HaShem?

Today, I sat in contemplation of why it is a Mitzvah to fear HaShem. I am constantly in awe of HaShem, I love HaShem, I am impressed and inspired by HaShem, but I do not fear HaShem. Every study that I have ever done indicates that to be aware of HaShem’s absolute power is to fear HaShem, but I find myself in awe without the fear. HaShem has absolute power, to be afraid of that would be to transgress across HaShem (though it could be argued that I have already transgressed HaShem by not fearing HaShem to begin with). For me, HaShem is all power and this absolute power gives me a sense of safety, even in the face of uncertainty, but it does not fill me with fear.

I am sure this will lead to many, many answers (as all Jewish questions do).

So please, if anyone has an interesting perspective, give me an answer!

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