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Why is anti-semitism so prominent in some communities and why do conspiracy theorists believe in it so fervently?

Hello friends,

I know this is a sensitive topic, and as a non-Jew myself I am aware that asking these questions can be offensive, so I will try to approach it with respect. And no, i’m not trolling and this isn’t bait.

When I was young I never understood anti-semitism at all. I mean, Jewish people were indistinguishable from any other person as far as I could tell. Anti-semitism seemed entirely random to me.

In recent years I’ve spoken with several anti-Jewish/nationalist people on the internet who have given me the whole run down on their conspiracy theories in an attempt to “convert me”. You know, the typical pornography/media/banking/globalism etc..

Almost all of those people are obviously just ideologically possessed. But my question is what do Jewish people actually think about these theories and how do they go about retorting them?

One of the things that has always stumped me when arguing with those people is there genuinely does seem to be a disproportionate amount of Jewish people in things like media, banking, pornography, etc.. with the sources they cite, but it doesn’t prove their overarching claims..

I had one girl send me at least over a hundred twitter screenshots of self-proclaimed Jewish people saying various things against white people or Christians and all I could really say was that those were isolated incidents.

So, how exactly do Jewish people themselves feel about these unfounded theories and how do they usually go about fighting them?

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