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Why doesn’t my daughter’s Jewish family want to meet my child?

I’m (22F) not Jewish and I know my daughter isn’t halachically Jewish either. But her dad (36M) and his family are Ashkenazi Jews, and they haven’t tried to meet my child. She is truly such a beautiful baby. Literally every time I go out, she gets complimented. I just don’t understand why his family doesn’t try to reach out to me, nor does he. If I text or email him, I get no response. The only thing I ever got was some shady fake number seeking my address that knew my name and that I had a baby. It’s crazy because she’s literally his twin. I see him when I look at her, the resemblance is uncanny.

Could it be that they think less of me not being Jewish? They are Reform Jews. One of his female cousins married a Hindi man but I guess it’s different because Judaism is matrilineal. Plus him and I weren’t married, I was just living with him. He’s never met his child. I think they might believe I’m after his money

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