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Why does Judaism suck

While we do keep some traditions in my house, in general I came to detest all religions.
Since I am a Jew living in Israel – I hate Judaism the most.

Why is it, when my grandparents were religious outside of Israel they proudly lived among non jews and non religious Jews – keeping their traditions while not driving their beliefs down other’s throats and providing for their families. But now that we have a country of our own a huge portion of the religious Jews rely on welfare instead of working, force people who don’t believe in the same thing to live by THEIR religious rules and constantly victimize themselves for being despised for their shit behavior?

I guess all religions corrupt the people once left unchecked. However Judaism, from my experience with it is by far the worst.

I grew up in a traditional religious home in Israel but today I HATE religious Jews. What these assholes are doing in their country has nothing to do with the values of Judaism, and the country is not even 100 years old yet. That’s just 3 generations.

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