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Why do the Jewish of a neighborhood I stay in always talk between themselves and always look at me with a bad eye ?

Pretty much the title !
As a disclaimer, I know jack shit about religion so sorry if I may seem insensitive. That said, I try to read the sacred books. I’ve tried reading the Bible and the Torah is my next read ! I love learning about religions.

I often go to a highly jewish-populated neighborhood with a Synagogue for my work and I always notice that the Jewish people there are always very well dressed, with little dangles on their pants and they always, always seem to talk to other jews but never other people.
Almost everytime I cross someone, they seem to look at me kinda angrily or at least with dismay.

Nothing but respect for the religion, but that always seemed weird to me. I’d love to hit up a conversation with one of those guys but I fear I just may annoy the folks there even further

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