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Why aren’t there Jewish movies in 1st or 2nd Temple Period Israel?

It seems that the only movies that take place in Temple Era Israel are Christian ones, like Greatest Story Ever Told, The Nativity Story, Ben Hur, & the Passion (woof).

I think there needs to be more Jewish movies about things aside from haredim, the Holocaust & contemporary Israel. Jewish identity cannot be built off solely the latter nor is the media obsession w/ haredim, done mostly in a negative light, helpful or useful to anyone.

Why haven’t there been films about, say, Bar Kochba, the Maccabean Revolt (other than Rugrats), Tisha B’Av, Yom Kippur (tho that would be in the mishgan), etc? This is both rhetorical but also hypothetical: are there rabbinic restrictions against such things?

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