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Why are religious Jewish people in South Williamsburg opposed to bike lanes?

NYC wants to put bike lanes in South Williamsburg, but religious Jewish people there won’t allow it for religious and safety reasons. What are these reasons? The only religious reason I can think of is that they wouldn’t want people biking during Shabbat, but I can’t imagine they’d want people driving then either, right? And same with safety reasons — a fast bike could be dangerous, but a fast car is much more dangerous. The bike lane would be replacing a car lane, so whatever amount of religious/safety problems you’d get from bikes would be countered by fewer religious/safety problems from cars. Am I missing other religious/safety considerations?

Also, separate question: the main guy against these bike lanes in the article I linked to said “If the city wants to improve this neighborhood, let them give us a baby carriage lane.” This seems like a good idea, actually … Has the city considered closing down some Williamsburg streets to traffic and making them pedestrian-only?

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