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Why are men and women seen differently in Judaism? Is one seen as better?

I understand that men and women are different so I don’t mean an obvious “because they are” answer, I’m interested in exactly what the Torah and/or Jewish teachings have said about why and how specifically they are different, and what that means.

I saw a comment online that said, “In Orthodox Judaism women are seen as being on a higher level spiritually so there are less commandments/requirements for women. Many of the commandments serve as reminders to connect with Gd. Women are considered to already be connected to Gd on a higher level so don’t need the reminder. For example, men wrap tefillin but women don’t need to.” … “In Reform Judaism men and women both can wrap tefillin and are seen as equals.” I’ve never heard this before and assumed the opposite and men are less restricted by rules so this triggered me to realize I don’t really understand the reasoning that Judaism gives behind various gender rules.

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