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Who’s doing Daf Yomi this cycle?

I plan on starting today. I did bits and pieces of the last one, but never got through more than half a masechta. I plan to do this one. There’s no time in my life that will be easier than this cycle (22.5-30 y/o for the cycle). Some Qs:

1) What’s your go to resource? I love R Aryeh Leibowitz

2) I always feel like a bit off about daf yomi. I could do a daf in like 30 mins with maybe some Rashis here/there, and that’s fine I guess. But just listening to a shiur (and even if I follow the gemara on my phone) doesn’t feel like I’m really learning it. How do you feel about that? Do you feel inadequate if you arent sitting in front of a gemara really learning it (even with a shiur)?

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