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Wholesome story

Hey all, patrilineal sefardi who is a ger. The past few weeks with the war have made it hard for me be Shomer Shabbos to the best of my ability. I’ve been lowkey upset & depressed about it that I cannot be there to fight. I’m planning to make Aliyah to join the Army and serve our people.

I’ve returned to my Jewish roots for two-years now and am also engaged in movements like Outreach Judaism & Jews for Judaism, I know/am acquainted with Rabbi Tovia Singer, etc .. my whole motive is to bring Jews out of churches and help them return to their people, religion, & roots. I study Judaism pretty decently and I’m very passionate in counter-missionary work.

Anyway, last night I was breaking shabbos by going to grab drinks with some friends of mine … well, they brought a friend of theirs who is from Brazil, turns out he’s Jewish on his maternal side, was Bar Mitzvah’d in Israel, etc ., but then lost his connection and embraces the messianic nonsense (Goya father).

Anyway, I pulled him aside and we had a deep discussion about Judaism and why Yoshke isn’t HaMoshiach, etc .., and quoted verses in the Torah to back this. He was very open minded and happy that I had enlightened him, I taught him the Amidah and we said it together. He was so happy and looked up the verses rejecting Yoshke and messianism, and he is going to be contacting the local Chabad in his area.

He always identified more as Jewish than Xtian, but this made him so happy to help him leave idolatry and his status as a Tinok Shenishba. Unfortunately my father could care less, even though his maternal line is Sefardi Jewish, so helping other Jews return to Judaism seriously made me feel content and at peace. Anyway, the individual I talked with in depth & did a really quick crash course on Judaism with, was serious about returning to Judaism and he is slowly beginning to reject Yoshke and trinitarian doctrine.

Maybe it was a sign from HaShem to break shabbos & help this Jew return? …

As someone who returned to my Jewish roots, I thoroughly enjoy helping others do the same.

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