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Who Uses Bilingual Nusah Sfard?

My shul is looking to switch our mahzorim from Artscroll to Koren, but we don’t know what to do with the Artscroll ones if we do so. We have about 280 each of RH and YK, and aren’t really sure even where to start looking, because we can’t think of who (besides us and one other minyan in Sharon, MA) uses the generic nusah Sfard in Hebrew and English.

Does anyone know of groups, not that would necessarily want the mahzorim, but that fit this description, just so we would have an idea of what to look for as we try to rehome them? Our impression is that most people who use Sfard are either using a specific version of it, or don’t need the English.

Edit: or suggestions of where else to ask this question! We aren’t Orthodox so I don’t have a lot of connections to places that maybe would be interested.

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