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Who exactly are kollels for?

I am not orthodox, though I have some limited experience navigating orthodox spaces from college (specifically a bit of time at the Aish yeshiva). I follow my (smaller) city kollel’s email list, and they have classes offered to adults, and they don’t specify any level of pre-requisite knowledge.

If I showed up to a class at the kollel as someone non-observant and relatively Jewishly uneducated, would I be out of place? Are they expecting people like me, without necessarily it being a kiruv org?

If I showed up out of the blue (say I email them first, safety and all) and grabbed a tractate and just sat down, would that be unwelcome?

Editing for another question I thought of: If I showed up with an interlinear chumash or one of the Koren Talmud tractates (with the big pictures and english explanations), how likely would it be that someone would be willing to help if asked?

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