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Who do secular Jews consider Jewish

My Rabbi isn’t secular so I can’t really ask him.

I’ve met Jews go by Halacha, and others who go by whether or not you belong to a major branch/denomination, but I wonder what Secular Jews consider as Jewish.

Do Secular Jews consider Jews by Choice Jewish? If they’re going by the religious aspect of it, how would they define it? Would it be by the very non-secular Halacha, would it be by maybe the same way Reconstronist Jews identify Judaism where it’s more of a people than a religion? Or do would they just go by whatever they may have been raised in? Would a secular Jew consider you Jewish only if you were born to a Jewish woman than man or vice versa?

I know Secular Jews understand Judaism as an ethnoreligion, but do they count those as Jewish only by the religious rules of it?

Edit: I know all answers will not be the same, because the one constant in the Jewish people regardless of denomination, born by father or mother, or even belief in G-d is that there will be a million different responses and a million more disagreements.

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