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Which books are included in ספרות החכמה?

Hey all,

Pretty much the title. From what I’ve read and learned, there are conflicting sources about which books are included in this category. Some point to the books of איוב, משלי, and תהילים (ספרי אמ״ת), others only include איוב, משלי and קהלת, while there are some that include any combination of the above and sometimes also שיר השירים.

Obviously there is much wisdom in all of these books, but what I’m interested in is specifically this categorization. Is it a solid category which includes specific books, or is it more a like a genre within Ketuvim of books which explicitly deal with life lessons, morality, and one’s place in the world?

If there are varied opinions according to different scholars and rabbis that would be interesting to learn, and also why is that the case.

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