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Where to spend Chaggim

Shalom. I hope everyone’s preparations for the high holidays are going splendidly. I have a weird/complex situation. About 9 months ago I moved to State A, for a job which I thought I could work while I underwent my giur lechumra process. I contacted rabanim here but most ignored me, even the reform folks. Or Chabad Rabi told me I’m better off learning with YouTube. The one Rabi who did return my calls ignored me when I asked if I could visit for Tisha B’Av. I’m not trying to gossip just sharing my experience. So this job turned out to be very toxic and the experiences I had w/ the rabis here made me decide to return to home (State B) at the end of my apartment lease.

So I still live in State A but recently quit my job sooner than the 1-year mark bc of a work injury/several other HR related incidents. I was going to move to State B before the Chaggim, but due to scheduling conflicts, I now have to wait until AFTER the holidays to move. I’m a person undergoing giur lechumra…should I call my local orthodox synagogue and ask if I can join their services? Even tho I was ignored before? I live 20 minute drive from the synagogue. Why, you might ask? Bc it was the cheapest I could find and thought I could move closer to Jewish hood after the 1-year lease ended and i was all settled. I could stay in an Airbnb for Yom Kipur service/ at least during one of the first days of Sukot and shemini atzeret. I just don’t want to be alone in my non-Jewish neighborhood and without a sukkah. And then be judged for using my phone to pray along to selichot since I don’t know all the cantilations yet (only like 5 of the entire Sefer). It’ll break my heart. What would you do?

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