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Where should I start learning?

I hope this is alright to ask here.

For quite some time now I’ve felt very drawn to Judaism. I’m not particularly sure if my interest is purely a strong curiosity about it, or if it’s because it might be what’s right for me. I’m definitely not looking into conversion or anything right now though. I know it’s not a quick process, and I currently have too many questions and too little information to rush into such a big decision anyway. Currently I just want to learn more.

I just feel a little overwhelmed trying to figure out what I should focus on trying to learn about or honestly even where to start. I wasn’t raised religious, so I have no prior experience with learning about these sorts of things. I don’t have transportation and live in a small rural town, so unsurprisingly, there aren’t really any Jewish folks I could talk to, and there isn’t an even semi-local synagogue I could visit (though I have checked out Shabbat livestreams from a few different places). I’d love some help knowing what to start out with learning, or some recommendations about what to read or watch if at all possible!

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