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Where is all of the antisemitic propaganda online coming from?

I’m not Jewish myself but I’ve personally witnessed a lot of extreme antisemitic rhetoric on social media and it seems to be getting worse every year. It also appears especially rife in “incel” communities like 4chan and I’m just wondering whether it is a natural trend caused by echo chambers and hatred bred by unhappy people, or whether there is some other more sinister and coordinated propaganda campaign being pushed by certain groups?

Everyone accepts that states like Russia are trying to influence western governments via social media, so is it not plausible, or even probable, that other states or groups that aren’t fans of Jews/Israel could be using social media to weaponise people against Jews? If so, it would make perfect sense to target disaffected young men (the main demographic of terrorists and people willing to commit violence, or even war).

If this is happening, who do you think could be pushing this agenda? I’m sure the KKK and neo nazis are pushing it but the sheer scale of antisemitic sentiment online makes me think it isn’t all coming from those relatively tiny communities.

Apologies if this isn’t the right place for my question, or if it’s inappropriate in any way.

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