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Where does Reconstructionism fit in with the other denominations?

Hi all!

I am Sephardic and typically attend my Sephardic synagogue but I visited a good friend recently and she is pretty active with her Reconstructionist synagogue and invited me to attend a service with her! I don’t know if it was her particular synagogue or if all Recon groups are similar but it was surprisingly fun. There was a lot of live music, singing, and dancing! I really enjoyed myself and felt spiritually awakened afterward. I love my synagogue and the people in it, but this was definitely a refreshing change of pace.

Admittedly after we got back to her house, I felt vaguely suspicious of the whole thing like it was *too much* fun…haha, which I realize sounds silly, but it was pretty different from what I’ve experienced before. I don’t say these things to disparage those that are members of the Reconstructionist denomination in any way but rather they are personal observations and feelings based off my upbringing and experiences.

So I was wondering where Reconstructionism falls on the spectrum of the other denominations in terms of perception…like there tends to be a ladder of Orthodox > Conservative > Reform in terms of perceived legitimacy. I know it originally started as an off shoot of Conservativism but would it still be considered a parallel to that despite Recon being so…open and “modern”, for lack of a better word.


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