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Where do Jews get the idea of wrestling/arguing with God?

I really like that theology of an understanding God that humans can try their hardest to understand and wrestle with God’s decisions. Although God knows everything, Jews can “convince” God and be intimate with him in every way. Fearing him but not like a fear of hell type of way, a fatherly reverence a child would have. The theological ability to question and talk to the all sovereign God is very revolutionary in modern religions. Is there any stories we get this understanding from? My guess is Jacob wrestling with the mysterious man? Maybe Job? My fundamentalist Christian upbringing sort of traumatized me into thinking doubting and questioning God/Bible was wrong but learning how rabbis debated and talked about God for hours was so beautiful to me, it shows they are serious about God and infatuated with the idea of him, and they are trying their hardest with critical thinking to understand the all mighty God. Thank you guys.

Bonus: why does Judaism say G-d? Is it out of reverence?

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