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Where can American Jews experiencing trauma go for support?

Hi all,

My fiancee (a Persian Jew who grew up in the US) is feeling major sadness, grief and anger since the Hamas attacks in Israel. We have friends and family in Israel, and for her it is like a second home. She is also feeling quite scared of antisemitic rhetoric where we live in the US (southern California). I’m sure her feelings are shared by so many in Israel and around the world.

She says she doesn’t know who to talk to, and I wonder if any of you have recommendations on who the right type of person or group or resource might be? I imagine there are people (therapists? Rabbis?) out there who specialize in helping people through traumatic experiences … probably even ones who specialize in trauma from experiencing religious violence or antisemitic violence. Or perhaps the solution is more like a support group? I don’t really know.

I’m grateful for any suggestions you have.

Thank you 🙏❤️

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