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When should ModOx boys begin dating?

I’m a 27 year old modern Orthodox woman, and I am interested in a slightly younger man in my community (NYC) who I’ve known casually for a long time. We have similar career goals, a lot of mutual interests, a similar sense of humor, and we have great conversations (at least in my opinion). I recently asked through mutual friends if he was interested in me, and he said he wasn’t ready to start dating yet, but that he would think about it. Ultimately, he decided he does not want to begin dating until next summer after he takes the LSAT. I don’t think it would be reasonable for me to sit around for close to a year waiting for the possibilty of a date, but I want to try to understand this mentality. Is it normal for modern Orthodox boys to be so unhurried about dating, and if so, why? If not, is there a realistic way to make him see that this attitude isn’t normal, or should I just accept this isn’t meant to be and move on? tldr; asked about a boy, said he’s not ready, is thus normal/changeable?

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