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When going to a synagogue, when do I have to lean forward?

To give you some context, my both parents are jewish, but to be honest my family is not religious at all. Due to this reason, I probably know less about judaism than many other jews, so please don’t judge me if my question is a bit silly.

The point is that I decided to start going to a Chabad synagogue to learn more about my own culture and this beautiful religion, and I noticed that everybody leans forward during some specific parts of the prayers. I usually go on shabbat, and I perfectly understand what’s going on except for when it’s time to lean forward, where I just end up copying other girls around me.

To sum it up, I’ve two questions I’d be glad if you helped me answer. The first one is what does this movement mean, and what is the spiritual part behind it. Secondly, can anyone please tell me if there’s any particular key word that could possibly let me know when it is necessary to lean forward?

Thank you all in advance!!

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