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When a Chabad rabbi attends a Sephardic shul

This definitely made me chuckle. I recently attended a Sephardic Shul where a Chabad, Ashkenazi rabbi often attends since it’s the only one within walking distance for Shabbat. During Shabbat Kiddush, he decides to share a little Dvar Torah. As he is talking, he says “And the Rebbe…”, and before he could get one word in, the entire congregation starts shouting at him “ahhh you said “Rebbe”. That means you have to finish your drink and pour another one!”. It turns out, the Sephardic congregation finds the whole Rebbe thing kind of amusing and plays it up with the Chabadnicks to make it known, but in a fun way.

The Chabad rabbi said something about Rambam and said “now you all have to drink!”.

It was a very wholesome congregation and I thought I’d share.

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