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What’s y’all’s personal favourite tractate in Talmud?

Since becoming much more observant a few years ago, in addition to daily Torah study, I’ve fallen in love with Gemara and everything it can illuminate in life as well as the structure daily study gives. The easiest was I could approach it was the daf, which I continue to put in to practice with either volumes provided for me or Sefaria.

However I’ve been kinda craving a volume on my shelf. Not only for personal study and reference, but in terms of attractiveness and hand feel on a shelf, you can’t beat a large pretty hardcover. Now, I’m not wealthy enough to buy a full set at once… so aside from the Pirkei Avot (which I already have and cherish) I was wondering if you all had any recommendations of faves to start. Either because of the beauty, or universality, or just general mindblowingness. Anyway, any thoughts and opinions are helpful! Thanks!

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